About Us

Welcome to ANUAURA! We are glad that you stopped by. This page is home to our Indigo Vape Shop. We are your new online metaphysics shop designed for those seeking a higher purpose. Our unique brand offers various items and brand names tailored to assist you on your spiritual, mental, & physical journey.

To help you sort through our product line with ease, we have divided our catalogs into three (3) different pages to enhance your online shopping experience. We assure that our brand is an Authorized dealer of all products listed on our websites.

Our company offers: all-natural soap, body oils, burning lamp oils, whipped shea butters, exotic crystals, gemstones, smudge sticks, resins, cauldrons, altar essentials and more in our online shop at www.anuaura.org!

For all active professionals, yogis, yoginis, Pilates, cardio fitness, Zumba, kayak, surfers, skaters, snow-boarders and more; Boy, do we have a place for you! We offer yoga mats and props for individuals and yoga studios, athletic apparel, weights, boards of various types, kayaks, canoes, supplements and more all at www.anuaura.net!

We are your Premium supplier of vapes, Mod’s, bongs, and e-cigs for the hippie looking for alternatives. We offer top brand names in vapes and be sure to check back for oils and more as the market opens in our region… be sure to grab yours today at www.anuaura.com!

We are excited that you stopped by and invite you to check out all our website locations for exclusive items that will assist in your ascension journey! Our company was founded in Atlanta, Ga 2018. We are a family run business and our team of specialist each have a intricate roll of each catalog brought to you on our websites! We value your business and thank you for your continued support!